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Mythamphetamine means...

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Getting high on creativity and its product

Mythamphetamine means getting high on creation. Space travel to us, is a big inspiration.

Mythamphetamine is something we all possess. Cause we all, can fall, in love with a process.

Mythamphetamine to me, means the start of a new family.

Mythamphetamine at last: Mythamphetamine means free.

Mythampetamine: where did it start?

Around 14 billion years ago! For Mythamphetamine it all led to the beginning of January 2021. The Myth comet kicked in! This strike was one of creation instead of destruction. A subtle hint from our celestial companions to get us to focus our attention to all that is love and creation. ❤️ The comet was loaded with secret information. Information about materials and instructions on building our own spaceship. 🚀 The right crew was assembled and within the deadline, all the goals were met. And our spaceship was, out of nowhere, realised. Our spaceship is constructed with plenty of room for our crew. Obviously a lot of extra quarters are built in for future fellow astronauts. Astronauts of creation! 👩‍🚀

This vessel we have put together, is a means of transportation to a different realm. The realm of Mythamphetamine.

Use this wormhole to our astro outfits!

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