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Mythamphetamine is here to stay

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

What a year 2021 was. Full of highlights! Because the world is as you perceive it! And we know the world is beautiful!

Mythamphetamine is here to stay. The Myth comet struck and the rest is history. 💎 The impact of the comet brought us the Space logo. All our creations come from Space …

Together with Mohtiv, Puntageist dropped the single 'Commando'. The title of the song originally had an addition: Commando, come on though! 50% of the musical duo did not find this amusing and vetoed it. Come on though.

The video was shot with nothing but good energy and we think this shows in the end result. The Filmmaker Huib Dommers is responsible for all moving images! We don't want to say anything we can't deliver, but Puntageist has the motivation to produce more. Hopefully we can play a broader repertoire this year ... Besides being a party blast, the song also reflects the displeasure that a lot of people felt during last year's lockdowns.

Where will Puntageist be seen live for the first time, is of course the question?! It's a matter of when and not a matter of if…

There was also skating, because skateboarding is fun. 🛹

Groovy Robert Ravelli

The debut single: 'The Back Door' by Robert Ravelli was released last year. Mythamphetamine is in no rush. We only use our rocket boosters when we really need them. 🚀Of course we can hardly wait for new creations from this man. According to the artist himself, these will certainly come in 2022! We hope to see Robert Ravelli often behind the turntables this year with his wonderfully groovy live vinyl sets!

Of course not everything was spotless, but everyone has heard enough bad news! This year space is no limit; all festivals will continue as planned! And yes, we are the ones deciding!

Crystal Myth

Olivier Schut proved with his novel 'Finally Now' that Crystal Myth is not a myth.

With an idea, time and dedication a crystal can be formed from Space ... You can of course order your signed version of the Rotterdam novel! 📘

We proudly represent Myth wearing our astro outfits. We are even more proud of all the space cowboys and cowgirls who vibrate on our frequency and want to be part of our space. Thank you for your trust. 🙏Myth looks good on you!

Our astro outfits are already worn in countries all over the world. Our rocket has already landed in Mexico, Spain and Australia! Of course Mythamphetamine wants space stations all across the globe! We have all the patience, because time is an illusion …

Stay tuned on this wavelength to keep up to date with our progress!

Love Spacelife ❤️

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