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The Dutch novel: 'Eindelijk Nu (Finally Now)' is born!

'Eindelijk Nu' arose out of loving necessity. The largely fictional story, written from the I-perspective, is about love, growth, awareness, respect and fun.

"The loss of a dear friend has partly prompted me to write this book," said author Olivier Schut. “Because of writing this book, I haven't lost myself too.”

This book therefore functions as a 'ladder' for the writer to climb from a dark period to a bright one! The book is certainly also spiritual, but the purpose is first of all: entertainment!

In 'Eindelijk Nu', the main character discovers that how you look at life makes the difference. Every situation needs to be given a touch of magic to make it special. That magic is already there, you just have to believe in it…

'Eindelijk Nu' by Olivier Schut is now available via this webshop. Order your signed copy!

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