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Team Mythamphetamine

Rainbow_Only Space_Ollie.jpg
Rainbow_Only Space_Ollie.jpg


Mythamphetamine is a young Dutch company born and based in Rotterdam that started to exist from Space. Our famous ‘Space’ logo represents creation out of nothing. This, in turn, is the true meaning of Mythamphetamine: Getting high on creativity 🚀. Team Mythamphetamine is a talented group of people who realise their strength together is a lot more powerful than the sum of their parts.

Creating in itself is more important than the result. That's why we only engage in activities that we enjoy. Be who you are, do what you love! If everybody has the chance to be their true selves, they can be their best selves. Only this way will allow us to create a better world, starting with ourselves. But together we stand strong. Needless to say, Mythamphetamine's Space fashion is 100% organic.


Music is a main ingredient. This laboratory is managed by a leading melodical scientist: Robert Ravelli. Robert knows his lab by heart and thus is able to create the purest Mythamphetamine for our happy ears. Robert has really built his own personal sound over the years.

nieuwe drop 1.1.jpg

Artwork & illustration

Our designs and illustrations come from the hand of Olivier Schut and Veerle Velzeboer, where Veerle’s steady hand and imagination frequently dot the I’s in our designs. We are also very proud of our Graphics at Mythamphetamine. Veerle knows how to transform a rugged idea into a sharp and powerful image. Obviously we are also very grateful to her!

Spacey Stacey

The one being mentioned, last but not least, is Denise Ermes aka Spacey Stacey. She is a very important, creative, cheerful and logistic link in Team Mythamphetamine. Stacey also fulfills the role of Mythamphetamine’s Yogi: Namastacey! Many fitting names for this unreplacable floating smile.

nieuwe drop 9-2.jpg
nieuwe drop 20.jpg


Mythamphetamine has just released its first music video in collaboration with rapper: ‘Puntageist’. This is just the beginning, but shows you that Mythamphetamine is down with everyone who wants to create with a smile.

Robert Ravelli will be releasing his first Spacey Single very soon. We are very excited for this to happen.


Team Mythamphetamine is never quiet and we will keep to surprising you with ever-puring 
Mythamphetamine. Stay around our personal space to remain updated about Mythamphetamine’s creations.

Stay high on life: Mythamphetamine 🚀


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