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Space Sweaters

We believe that we are all a bunch of Space-Cowboys, no matter our age, so Mythamphetamine has space themed fashion for us all: Kids Clothing, Adults. All our creations are made of 100% organic cotton. 

nieuwe drop 22.jpg

Wat are Space Sweaters? 

Space Sweaters are

Amazing soft hoodies and crewnecks with a Space themed artwork.

The Space logo

Is shaped like a rocket and is a creation of Mythamphetamine.

Carefully prepared

Available in the colors: Black, Mint-Green, and Easy-Pink. 


How to wear Space Sweaters?

You wear Space Sweaters your way. You create your own personal space with it. Easy to combine with your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. Space Sweaters give you rocket power. 🚀 You'll go places you've never been before!

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